Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

Coworker Hub Policies And Procedures Agreement


Coworker Hub was created by its Managers to foster and support a CoWorking community at its different locations in: Middlebury and Winchester-Winstead, CT, by providing its members with the resources conducive to and customarily associated with Coworking.

By joining Coworker Hub, our members agree to follow the policies and procedures as set forth herewith for our community “Policies and Procedures Agreement”.  If one of us doesn’t follow the policies, it affects all individual members and Coworker Hub generally, and therefore as a condition of membership, we agree to abide these Policies and Procedures.

Any questions about these Policies & Procedures, and the Anti-Harassment Policy, should be addressed by email to


 “You”, “Your,” or “I” refers to the Member and each of the Member’s Authorized Users. “We”, “Us”, or “Our” refers to Co-Fe staff and owners. A Member who has subscribed for additional persons to be included in their membership must designate in advance each Authorized User who will be included in the Member’s subscription.

I as a member, I agree to abide by the following Policies and Procedures below:

  1. Conduct

Behave well and treat others the way you would want to be treated.  Keep in mind that people who are annoyed or offended may not tell you so directly, but instead engage less with CoWorker Hub, which hurts everybody.

At the Manager’s discretion, or upon notice from other members, disruptive or abuse language or behavior will result in a warning and a mark against your membership a “strike”  On the third strike, your membership will be revoked.  Your membership may be revoked prior to the third strike upon the sole discretion of the Managers.

 2. Membership

All members are paying for the membership level agreed to, and is only for that member(s). If a member has either a partner/or team  that they will start the membership with, they are required to pay an additional membership fee for the partner/team that will be stipulated at the time of signing the membership agreement.

If the member started out by themselves and their company has grown – yahhh!! We are so happy for yah!. However, in order to allow all their staffs to use the space freely and all the amenities that come with the membership, we require that the additional staff/employees of the company also have to be paid members of Coworker Hub.  At which time we will request the principal of the company to remit payment for the additional staff.  This allows all your staff to have unlimited access to Coworker hub, while also having access to all the amenities of the space.

  1. Indoor voice

We are all trying to get work done, so be mindful and respectful of other’s attention and time.  Generally, if someone has their headphones on, please respect their privacy (that is the most important rule we have).  CoWorker Hub is not a library, and collaboration is encouraged, but this is a workplace first and foremost.

  1. Phone calls

If you have a phone call and it will last just a minute or two, feel free to take it in the common area.  If you are going to be on the phone more than that and have not joined with an office membership, please use the conference room (if available) or the rear hallway.  The intent is to give you some privacy and your fellow Coworkers could have some privacy and avoid the mental oddity of hearing half of a conversation.

Some exceptions can be made, such as for those working in support jobs, where an occasional and not very talkative phone call of 5-10 minutes is necessary.  We ask however, that if you know that a call will persist for more than 5 minutes or be especially talkative, you keep your voice quiet, and you take the call in the spaces described above.

  1. Harassment

Please read our Anti-Harassment Policy (at the very end of this Terms & Conditions form).  We have zero tolerance for harassing our members or guests of Coworker Hub.  Members or guests violating the Anti-Harassment Policy will be sanctioned or expelled from the space at the discretion of the Managers.

  1. Guests  and patients/Clients of Member
  1. a) Feel free to invite guests for lunch, a quick meeting, or just to say hello.  However, on days outside of Coworker Hub’sinvite your guest promo- day’ if your guest is going to be there more two hours we require them to pay for a daily pass. Guests are also required to adhere to the policies of CoWorker Hub, and you are responsible for their actions, therefore we ask that you advise them about those common sense hub items that help all of us to work cordially with each other (noise levels, where to work or not….etc.)
  2. b) Anyone that is at the Hub for services from the member and is staying for more than two hours will be charged for the Day/Guess pass since they will be using or utilizing the Coworker Hub resources, unless if they are a patient or client of a member here for services
  1. Desk use
    1. Guests  and patients/Clients of Member
    2. a) Feel free to invite guests for lunch, a quick meeting, or just to say hello.  However, on days outside of Coworker Hub’sinvite your guest promo- day’ if your guest is going to be there more two hours we require them to pay for a daily pass. Guests are also required to adhere to the policies of CoWorker Hub, and you are responsible for their actions, therefore we ask that you advise them about those common sense hub items that help all of us to work cordially with each other (noise levels, where to work or not….etc.)
    3. b) Anyone that is at the Hub for services from the member and is staying for more than two hours will be charged for the Day/Guess pass since they will be using or utilizing the Coworker Hub resources, unless if they are a patient or client of a member here for services

Every desk at CoWorker Hub is for the community, with the exception of the private office or the dedicated desk membership.  Please do not leave property on the desks or around the desks when you will not be working there that day.  Take home what you bring in, or arrange with the Manager for storage in an out of the way area.  Every evening the desks will be cleared of items, which will be deposited in an area for collection.  Leaving items on the desk despite notice will result in the items being thrown out for trash.

 8. Refrigerator

The refrigerator is primarily for storing that day’s food, beverages, and some occasional leftovers from events.  As a general policy, food that is older than one week and taking up space will be thrown out. Containers or food left in the refrigerator for long periods of time (a week or more) may be thrown out an any time at the discretion of the Managers. Labeling your food will help us at least to give you a heads up prior to throwing out the food.

 9. Alcohol policy

Alcoholic beverages may be consumed at CoWorker Hub only during after hour events.  

10. Smoke Free Workplace

CoWorker Hub is a smoke free workplace.  If you smoke, you must do it outdoors and in an area sufficiently away from the CoWorker Hub and other businesses front doors

11. Overnight use

We understand that our members may need to pull a late night of work every now and again, which is accommodated/allowed.  However, under no circumstance is sleeping at the space overnight allowed.

 12. Heat & Air-conditioning

We set the heat and air conditioning at a temperature that makes sense for most people.  Please do not raise or lower the temperature more than 5 degrees. If the heat or air conditioning does not seem to be working, please notify the Managers immediately.

 13. Locks

The main doors are to be locked at the end of the day.  If you are the last one to leave after day business hours especially on the Health and Wellness side of Coworker Hub, you may lock the door by pushing the paddle to activate the latching mechanism.  On the Coworking side, we have large windows that look in on our member’s gear and our supplies.  Do not do anything to allow the doors to be unlocked overnight. Since most member plans will give them a key (except drop-Ins and few non-full time plans) if you are the last one to leave and the doors are not locked, please lock them when you leave the space.  If for some reason there is a problem it is your duty to notify a CoWorker Hub Manager of the situation. The Private Offices have individual locks and the member is provided with a key. Members are not permitted to change the locks on the Private Offices.  If you need a change in locks, you are required to notify the Manager and if it is found necessary to replace the lock, then the Managers will complete the change of locks in a reasonable time frame.  Otherwise we have Never had a problem with theft and we trust our members and the Hub staff.  To help us keep our prices reasonable, we ask that all members take an ** ownership approach ** with Coworker Hub as you are our extended work family.  Therefore, we ask that you assist with switching lights off, the AC and/or heat off – when appropriate, and closing blinds (where applicable) when you are the last one to leave.

 14. Community

Believe in yourself, believe in others, and especially believe in the collaborative power of the CoWorker Hub community.  Network, Collaborate.  Work hard. Have fun. Improve CoWorker Hub Community for all.  Give input to make Coworker Hub Community a better work place.

 15. Environmental Stewardship

CoWorker Hub values responsible recycling in all possible forms.  This includes disposing of refuse that could present dangers through contamination and pollution of the environment.  These forms of hazardous waste require special disposal techniques to make them harmless or less dangerous.  Do your best to dispose of such waste accordingly in the marked recycling trash bins, and when in doubt, check with a CoWorker Hub Community Manager.

 17. Amendments

We will strive to amend and modify, as needed the Policies and Procedures and so we will notify all members in a timely fashion if we have any major updates. We will keep an up-to-date copy of these Policies & Procedures on CoWorker Hub’s website.

 18. Spaces

CoWorker Hub offers convenient levels of membership and spaces for you to be productive.

  1. a) Private Office Includes lockable office
  2. b) Dedicated Desk Includes locker with clothes/coat space/ locker and 2 file drawers. This is a lockable space
  3. c) Flex Desk + a moveable file cabinet with a utility drawer.  This is storage cabinet.
  4. d) Conference Room May be rented separately for non-monthly members, or if a member is over their monthly allowable hours they will rent it at the member discounted rate

Please be aware that a “Flex” or “Flexible” desk is that; you can seat anywhere at any of the flexible desks. Therefore “Flex Space” Members are not guaranteed the same desk or desk location from day to day but are guaranteed to get a desk to sit at.

 19. Fees and Payments

a) Your Membership Fees are based on the level you agree upon with CoWorker Hub.

b) Membership fees will be paid via our online space management system called: Proximity, and you can get a receipt for payment of fees once you log into your online account.

c) We collect fees for monthly memberships a month in advance of when the Membership Agreement was signed to start.

d) All membership payments are due on the first business day of each month, and considered late on 3rd of the month

e) We may charge late fees ($25.00) and/or withhold services if payments are not received on time.

f) Members may pay via credit card or debit card.

g) If you plan to be a member for longer than a month: Full-time or Part-Time, your payments will be set up as recurring automatic monthly debit or credit charge payments.

h) Where applicable, we will automatically charge your card for additional services you may use each month, such as meeting room use beyond the Free credit hours included in your monthly Membership level.

20. CoWorker Hub Services

Subject to Members complying with the terms and conditions, Policies and Procedures set forth herein, CoWorker Hub hereby agrees to provide Members with the following services in connection with the privilege to use the Premises:

  1. a) HVAC During Normal Business hours
  2. b) Internet to CoWorker Hub, a secured business class wireless network
  3. c) Utilities (not including phone)
  4. d) Receipt of Mail and Packages
  5. e) Wireless Printer and Paper
  6. f) Conference Room (subject to scheduling)
  7. g) Monthly members are entitled to use of the conference room for specified hours depending on their membership type.

 21. Events

As stated above, CoWorker Hub will host events occasionally, such events include Meet-ups, Professional Development sessions, and Promotional Events.  These will primarily be held after business hours.  Members may hold similar events after business hours for an hourly rate.  See the Membership rate listing.

For any paid events, most will be Free for Coworker Hub members, though some especially if are in conjunction with outside speakers/Vendors might be paid events for members too.

 22. Termination

See section 1. Conduct for reference to what actions could lead to termination of your CoWorker Hub membership.  Beyond those day-to-day policies, you agree not to use CoWorker Hub for any purpose that is unlawful, or that could damage, disable or impair the business of others.  This includes any attempt to gain accesses to any computer systems or networks of CoWorker Hub (Beyond general web access), or attempt to obtain any materials or information not intentionally made available to all CoWorker Hub members.  If you attempt to do any of these prohibited activities, your membership may be terminated immediately without notice from CoWorker Hub.

In the event that, by reason of the Member’s default in their obligations, including payment for membership fees, CoWorker Hub shall have the right to terminate Membership. The failure to follow the Policies and Procedures or pay any fees, shall entitle CoWorker Hub to exercise any of its rights pursuant to this Membership, applicable law, or otherwise.

  1. Connections

You also agree not to use CoWorker Hub’s ideas, intellectual property in connection with:

a) Contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk email, spamming or similar annoying behavior

b) Defaming, abusing, harassing, threatening or otherwise violating legal rights (such as privacy and publicity) of others;

c) Posting or distributing or disseminating in-appropriate, profane, defamatory, obscene, indecent, or unlawful material or information which infringes another’s rights, or is protected by intellectual property laws where you don’t own or license such rights; and

d) Uploading, reproducing, using, performing or otherwise making available images, software or other material or information which infringes another’s rights, or is protected by intellectual property law as where you don’t own or license such rights; and

e) Uploading or using files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the computers or property of CoWorker Hub or another member whenever or wherever applicable.

  1. Confidentiality

You acknowledge that during your membership at or with Coworker Hub, you are going to be exposed to CoWorker Hub Confidences. CoWorker Hub Confidences means information such as: business information, trade secrets, technology, customers and prospects, and other intellectual property disclosed by CoWorker Hub or by other members of CoWorker Hub (including through your keen observation) that is confidential or proprietary in nature and simply just not known by others.  You agree to keep confidential and not to disclose or use CoWorker Hub Confidences, and you understand that they remain the exclusive property of whomever disclosed them, and you don’t acquire any rights to such CoWorker Confidences.

 25. Complaints

Please don’t make defamatory or disparaging comments about CoWorker Hub or other members.  If you have any complaints or need to let us know about an issue or problem let us/Coworker Hub managers or staff know about it.  If we do not know about it, we cannot fix it, therefore give us/Coworker Hub a chance to fix whatever issue you may have or at least talk about it before making any defamatory or disparaging comments. Help us, help you.

 26. Liability

a) Property: CoWorker Hub has taken great care with ensuring the shared office space is secured.  However, neither Coworker Hub, nor its members will assume any liability to you, with respect to your access to, participation in, use of Coworker Hub or Coworker Hub services, or any loss of information or other property resulting from such participation or use.  If you carelessly leave your property lying around and it disappears, we are not liable (but we will certainly look into how it happened, work to try to recover it the best we can, and/or work to prevent such losses).  This especially applies to Coworkers that will be using the “Flex” or “Flexible” space office area.

b) Damages/Injuries: CoWorker Hub has worked to make the immediate outside vicinity and inside of the office space safe for everyone.  However, in the event of any unforeseen issues, CoWorker Hub will not assume liability for damages or injuries to clients, guests, or other parties that members may invite to the Coworker Hub space.

c) Equipment: CoWorker Hub will not assume liability for damages to your equipment such as computers, tablets, cell phones or other peripheral devices due to unusual electric current events such as brown out or outages.  We have provided outlets with surge protection wherever possible, but there are some direct contacts to straight up outlets with no surge protection.  Use your best judgement when plugging in devices at your own risk.

  1. Disclaimer



28. Indemnification

Members release, and agree to hold harmless and indemnify, defend CoWorker Hub, its agents, owners, members and employees, from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, expenses, judgements, finds and penalties based on or arising out of your negligent actions, errors and omissions, willful misconduct or fraud, breach or violation of the Policies and Procedures of CoWorker Hub or otherwise suffered in connection with your participation in CoWorker Hub or use of CoWorker Hub Services. 

  1. Anti-Harassment Policy

All CoWorker Hub events and operations, and the CoWorker Hub space itself, have an Anti-Harassment Policy as below.

CoWorker Hub is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race or religion as well as any other protected class in the State of Connecticut.  We do not tolerate harassment of people at our events or space in any form.  People violating these Policies and Procedures may be sanctioned or expelled from the space or the event at the discretion of any CoWorker Hub Manager.

Harassment includes:

Offensive verbal comments

Sexual images in public spaces

Deliberate intimidation



Photography or recording without consent

Sustained disruption of talks or other events

Inappropriate physical contact

Unwelcome sexual attention

People asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.  Any behavior or action reported to be as such will be investigated and will be strongly responded to as such.


Please contact Management with any issues that arise in any of the above categories:

Email: or  Call Ph: (203) 725-1186. 

If this is of a more serious nature, please call Police at 911 then notify Coworker Hub Management.

Coworker Hub reserves the right to change or update the terms and conditions at any time withour prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on our website immediately. You can check the latest information posted under ‘Terms’ on our website to inform yourself of any changes.